5 Keys to Protecting Pets from a Fire

5 Keys to Protecting Pets from a Fire

By Carley Lintz | Pet Business

Published: 07.10.2020


Every household should have a fire safety plan that includes any furry family members.

Each year, approximately half a million pets are impacted by house fires. And while not all accidents can be prevented, there are steps owners can take to protect their pets if disaster does strike.

In honor of National Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th, here are a few tips retailers can share with customers to help spread awareness and keep pets safe during a home fire-related emergency:


1. Maintain your smoke detectors.

It’s not enough to just have smoke detectors installed throughout your home; you should also regularly test them and replace the batteries. You might also consider using monitored smoke detectors for an extra layer of protection.


2. Create (and practice) an evacuation plan.

Fire can spread quickly, so it’s best to have an escape plan in place ahead of time. Evaluate your home to identify all exit points, keep routes clear at all times, and designate a family meetup place nearby. Then, be sure to practice evacuating with your family at least twice a year.


3. Assign roles to household members.

As part of your escape plan, assign the task of collecting pets to a specific person. That way, you don’t have multiple people scrambling to find the animals at the same time.


4. Know your pet’s hiding places.

Know where your pet tends to go when scared so you can quickly find them during an emergency—or, if need be, tell firefighters where to find them if you need to escape alone.


5. Keep leashes and carriers handy.

Since pets will likely be stressed, you’ll want to have these tools are the ready to keep pets safe once you’ve escaped the fire. So, be sure to keep them near an exit or along your pre-planned escape route.


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