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About Snaggle Foot

Happy, well cared for pets…for more than a decade!

Since 2008, Snaggle Foot has been one of the most trusted dog walking and pet care providers in the nation!

From our humble beginnings as a dog walking business in Colorado, Snaggle Foot has grown into a full service pet care provider with franchises across the country. Each franchise is locally owned and operated, providing professional care from someone right in your neighborhood.

We work hard every day to provide outstanding care to pet family members entrusted to us, and we make sure they receive world-class service and the most stress-free experience possible.

No other nation-wide pet care provider sets such a high bar in pet care.

We require our Pet Care Specialists to complete specialized training, be bonded and insured, and pass a drug screen, reference check, and eight-point background screen!

Our Snaggle Foot Academy provides our staff with online training in many species and topics, from basics such as Canine Communications and Feline Fundamentals, to Pet CPR and Pet First Aid.

No other pet care provider has a training system like this. And it’s why you can rest assured that your pet is well care for when you can’t be there.

Scheduling is a breeze - we have an app for that!

We make it easy for you to schedule a visit, confirm appointments, pay your bill and more, from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, safely and securely. And while you’re away, our Pet Care Specialists provide consistent updates to give you peace of mind.

Play, exercise, care, feeding and fun time…our professionals provide loving care when you can’t be there!

The Snaggle Foot Name

“Our first family pet, Dixie, was a mischievous and ornery little Beagle–which meant she was true to her breed’s reputation!

Not content with following directions, Dixie took it upon herself to hop the fence around my dad’s garden–where she knew she was forbidden to enter. Thinking that no one was looking, she proceeded to dig her way into rebellious bliss, bringing to the surface the roots of all my dad’s vegetables. When she realized she had been caught, Dixie tried to inconspicuously hop back over the fence, but soon found herself with a paw snagged on the fence.

The limp and bandage that she carried for the next few days served as a reminder of those garden-digging antics and earned her a new term of endearment, ‘Snaggle Foot’. Now her nickname from all those years ago carries on!”

Watch our video to learn more!

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