dixie_snaggle_foot“Our first family pet, Dixie, was a mischievous and ornery little Beagle–which meant she was true to her breed’s reputation!

Not content with following directions, Dixie took it upon herself to hop the fence around my dad’s garden–where she knew she was forbidden to enter. Thinking that no one was looking, she proceeded to dig her way into rebellious bliss, bringing to the surface the roots of all my dad’s vegetables. When she realized she had been caught, Dixie tried to inconspicuously hop back over the fence, but soon found herself with a paw snagged on the fence.

The limp and bandage that she carried for the next few days served as a reminder of those garden-digging antics and earned her a new term of endearment, ‘Snaggle Foot’. Now her nickname from all those years ago carries on!”

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