Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Spring is finally here! That means it is the perfect time to go outside and get in a good walk with your pup!

Grab your dog’s leash, put on your walking shoes and take your dog for a walk around the block. Not only is walking good for your dog, but it is also good for you, too!

Allowing your dog to get out some energy prevents him from getting bored and destructive, as well as working on training opportunities and social skills. On average, dogs should have at least a minimum of 30 minutes of activity a day. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not walk their dogs regularly. We have provided three reasons why walking your dog is important:

Walking keeps your dog in-shape. Pet obesity is a common and dangerous disease many pet parents and veterinarians see nowadays. Showing our love for our dogs with treats and cookies are good, but taking a daily walk is a better alternative! Walking your dog can help shed and keep those unwanted pounds away. Having a healthy and fit dog benefits their physical health immensely!

Improves socialization and mental health. Get out with your dog and see the world together! Taking your dog for walks allows him to experience environmental stimuli that help them learn about the world. Going on new adventures and walks allows your pup to take in new sights and smells that they couldn’t get at home or in the yard alone. Walking can also prevent your pup from getting lonely and bored at home and innovating ways of negative entertainment, such as destructive chewing and barking.

Strengthens Your Bond. We think this is the best benefit of all! Taking your dog for a walk strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Spending quality time together on walks creates trust, behavioral development and communication between you and your dog.

Now, get moving and take your dog for a walk! For more information about the importance of walking your dog, read the article by Dr. Karen Becker, Walking Your Dog: How to Do It Well and Why It’s So Important.”

And if you’re short on time, don’t forget to contact your local Snaggle Foot dog walkers! We are ready to help keep your dog fit and happy!

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