Brag Posters Work!

Brag posters are an easy marketing tool to communicate the value of professional pet sitters and dog walkers, and the positive effect this service has on any pet.

You can use any photos of your own pet, your friends’, or ideally your client’s, and show case what positive change occurred in the pet since the pet parent started using your services.

Then hang these posters anywhere you find pet parents foot traffic. For example: pet stores, groomers, veterinarians, etc. But also think outside the box and consider places such as: hair salons, spas, gyms, local grocery stores, and coffee shops. You can even create a story line and up-date it regularly to engage people in how a dog/cat/bird is doing.

Pet parents will connect with the positive effect you are having on a pet, and the peace of mind you provide to the owner. This is also a way to highlight some of your other white glove services, such as: pet taxi, medication, bringing in mail, or watering flowers.

Be creative! You do so many wonderful things – don’t be shy – brag about it!

Examples of poster layouts:Brag-Poster-Bradley