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The business side of professional pet care.

Are you ready to take on more responsibility? Are you highly organized? Do you want to understand how a Snaggle Foot business runs? Do you have a way with social media, or marketing, people or computers? If so, a position in Business Management may be right for you. As our local businesses grow, they need someone they can rely on to help with daily management. This is a key position, and can serve as a stepping stone to becoming an Owner. If you think you have what it takes, Business Management may be right you!

Snaggle Foot businesses are locally owned, and as the business grows, Owners need support in daily business functions. Owners depend on Business Managers to help them in the office to optimize their teams and workload. As Business Manager you’ll start to feel the satisfaction of helping a business succeed. Being creative and innovative in the office can translate to greater growth and success for everyone. Knowing you have a part in that is an awesome feeling. You’ll work closely with the Owner as you both find ways to make the business grow and thrive.

Ready to learn more about managing a pet care business? You’ll get to do that through our exclusive online training portal, Snaggle Foot Academy. We have courses that will teach basic business management skills, as well as advanced topics. And, you’ll receive certification for successfully completing the courses!

Business Management brings you a step closer on the career pathway to becoming a Snaggle Foot Owner. We’ve made it possible for you to go as far as you’d like your pet care career. You can stay here, or go on to becoming an Owner. Either way, we’ll support you with the education you need to be successful at each step. Get started today!

Because each Snaggle Foot location is independently owned, rewards may vary.*

Competitive Compensation
Earn what you are worth as you contribute to the success of the business.*

Ongoing Development
Learn new skills and get certified.

Be rewarded for a job well done.*

Career Advancement
We have a career path so you can go as far as want.

Medical, dental and PTO may be available.*

* Each Snaggle Foot location is independently owned and operated – rate of pay, rewards and benefits may vary by location.


As an Owner, Janeé is living the life she's always wanted. Yes, she works hard, but she has a team that helps her business run smoothly.


Meet Hailey! She tells the story of her journey from Pet Care Specialist to becoming a franchise Owner in Cleveland West, Ohio.

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