Camping With Your Pet Sounds Like Fun

Camping with pets

Camping + Pets - What Could Go Wrong?

So you’re at your campsite. Your tent or RV is set up, you have organized your site. Your dog is happy and chill. You are ready to light a fire, crack a cold one, and watch the sunset. You see your dog go on alert, and before you can react, they’re gone and you hear lots of snarling, growling, barking, and yipping. Yikes. This is not fun!

Camping with your pet is supposed to be fun and relaxing. But many times, it ends up being a free for all when other people don’t control their animal, or disregard others. So what IS the proper etiquette when camping with a pet?

We’ve boiled it down to 6 simple things. Follow these common sense guidelines and you’ll make everyone’s camping experience a lot more peaceful.

Basic Obedience.

Before you leave, make sure your dog follows basic commands like Sit, Heel and Come. You need to practice this ahead of time so your bestie is reliable and listens to you. When you introduce them to new people, have them Sit. This will help calm a potentially exciting experience. If you are unsure of how well your pet will behave, make everyone’s experience more happy by leaving your pet in the hands of an outrageously professional pet sitter, like Snaggle Foot. 😉

Pick Up.

Don’t be a schlub. Just because you’re at a campground, doesn’t mean you don’t have to scoop the poop. Lots of kids and families hike and explore. It’s not fun when you step in dog poo. 💩 Do your part to help keep the campground clean.


Your pet, not you. 😉 Before you embark on camping with your pet, make sure they are well-socialized to other pets and humans. Your pet will encounter new animals and people, and you want them to remain calm and relaxed about it, and follow commands (see Basic Obedience, above 👆). This requires preparation, which might mean visits to dog parks, etc. Plan ahead and this will really help your camping trip.

Never Leave Your Dog In A Vehicle.

How many times have you heard other dogs barking at a campground? They are cooped up in an RV, camper, or car, while the owner goes out to explore or enjoy the park. This is not fun for anyone else at the campground. Besides being dangerous for the animal, it’s super bad manners. Teach your dog to heel and be obedient (see Basic Obedience again 👆), then you can take them anywhere and they will be welcome!

Feed’em Right.

While it’s super tempting to give your dog some of your own food, especially when they look at you with those eyes, some human food is actually dangerous for dogs. Like some types of peanut butter! See our full list of foods you should avoid for your pet here. And when you plan your camping trip, be sure to bring your pet’s regular food. That will help them stay, er, regular. 😐

Be Prepared.

Follow this Scouting motto and think about the various situations you might encounter, before you leave. Then pack gear and equipment to help you deal with those situations, if they should arise. This could mean bringing a crate, a pet First Aid kit, a leash, an extra collar, etc. If you take a few moments to think of what could happen, then think about what you’ll need just in case, you’ll go a long way toward ensuring your camping trip will be just as awesome as you think it will. Get out there! 🤗

Of all the things we love to do, camping with our pets is at the top of the list. It only becomes a problem when people behave as if they are the only ones at the campground, and allow their pet to do whatever they want. Don’t be that person. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be happier, and so will the whole campground. 🔥

Want more resources for camping with your pet? Check out this website:

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