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Badges are a Valuable Business Tool

Snaggle Foot | Published: 06.11.2021 Pet parents are searching for peace of mind. Administering medications to pets is one of the most important services that


Local Business Hashtag Strategy

Snaggle Foot | Published: 06.11.2021 What in the #hashtag?! We’ve all heard that hashtags are an important tool in social media strategy, but understanding how


What Happens If Pets Eat Cicadas?

As Brood X emerges from its 17-year gestation period, pet owners may be concerned if their pet swallows these bugs. By Kelly Lindenau | Pet


The Surprising Cost of Parenting a Pet

By Carley Lintz Pet Business | Published: 08.24.2020   Adopting a pet is an almost surefire way to add joy to your life, but it


Worried about a difficult conversation?

Worried about a difficult conversation? Here’s advice from a hostage negotiator.   By Elizabeth Bernstein | The Wall Street Journal June 14, 2020 9:00 am


The Indirect Threat COVID-19 Presents for Pets

By Hannah Miller Published by Pet Business: 06.23.2020   With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, people are actively using hand sanitizers and other products to


COVID Crisis Opportunity

5 things you must do for your business by Yuri Mosha, edited by Sarah Donnell | Agility PR Solution | Apr 7, 2020 | Analysis,


Bad Review Graphic

There’s a right, and a wrong, way to handle negative reviews online. And while it’s tempting to tell your side of the story and let


Mandatory New Fields in PSC

As of January 1,2020, sitters/walker without completed verification fields will no longer be able to be scheduled through PSC. The January 1, 2020 deadline is


SF Academy October Update

As we get closer to launching our learning center, we’ve made a small modification to the official name. As you can see from the title


Insta FB Removing Total Likes

You may not have heard the news: Instagram and Facebook are both experimenting with hiding away likes. Although this may initially sound shocking, anyone who’s


Social Media Performance

Year-to-date, the Snaggle Foot network has seen some amazing interactions on social media. Nearly every location is now connected on CoSchedule which not only allows


California Bill

“California Bill Makes App-Based Companies Treat Workers as Employees” New York Times, September 11, 2019 Yikes – what a scary headline! :O So, we dug


Dog Walk Report

Here is the year-over-year report of dog walks for the entire network, 2016-2019. Counts represent all visits itemized with “dog” in the service category. Note

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