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Hailey Dube, Owner | Cleveland West, Ohio

Hi, I’m Hailey Dube, Owner of Snaggle Foot Cleveland West in Ohio. I have a big passion for caring for animals of all kinds, and I can’t wait to meet our pet parents’ furry (or not!) babies!

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2017, I moved with my wife to Ohio to be closer to family. We live in Elyria, OH, with our two cats, and a dog.

Nashy, the eldest of our fur family, is our tabby cat that my wife adopted while volunteering at a shelter. She is the sweetest little babe! If you leave your jacket lying around, you’re sure to find Nash curled up on it.

When I was six, my family adopted a Border Collie mix who we named Oreo. She was the most loyal and fun-loving dog I’ve ever known.

When my wife and I moved in together in Texas, it was strange not having a dog around the house. So we decided to visit a shelter with no plans to adopt quite yet. Of course in the very last kennel was a sweet little Border Collie mix. I instantly fell in love, and Luna came home with us that day. Luna holds a special place in my heart. She’s helped me through some extremely difficult times.

Oreo eventually passed June of 2017 at 15 years old.

And lastly, our black cat, Nox, joined the family at 6 weeks old. She is a total lap cat and can be so sassy! She is definitely the troublemaker of the trio. I often joke that the next fur baby we adopt should be from Texas – Luna and I are feeling a little outnumbered by Ohioans!

Prior to joining Snaggle Foot, I gained pet sitting experience while sitting for family, friends, and neighbors, working at dog parks and boarding kennels, and through a nationwide pet sitting company.

February 2018, my life would unknowingly change forever! The former Snaggle Foot owner, Taylor hired me on the spot in her interview, and I began working as a dog walker.

I watched the business grow, and formed close bonds with the clients and pets I visited every day. December that same year, I was promoted to Team Leader/Business Manager and began assisting in managing the business.

Eventually Taylor decided to step down from the business and asked me if I was interested in taking it over- I couldn’t have been more excited to say yes!

Snaggle Foot has changed my life and it means so much to me. I became the new owner of Snaggle Foot Cleveland West in January, 2020.

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