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Sample ID Badge

Franchisees, we want to equip you and your staff with a tangible way to validate your presence, if you are ever questioned. So we have designed an ID badge that can worn while working. This badge will be customized by individual with their photo and their name. You can also choose to customize it with your own contact info, in case anyone should want to follow up on the individual providing the service. For franchise owners, please use the home office phone number as the contact.

Use this form for yourself and/or your staff. If you have more staff than the form allows, simply submit another form.

The process is 3 easy steps:

1. Fill out this form and submit it, along with a photo (limit 1 photo per person).

2. We will generate a custom ID badge, and email it back to you.

3. You will print it on your own printer.

Badges are 3″ wide by 4″ tall, and are designed to fit in most ID badge holders which you can source online. There is no limit to how many you can request, or how often. Expect a maximum 1-week turnaround from the time you submit the information and photo.
If you have questions or problems, please email:

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