Indoor Cat Games and Toys

There are many luxuries to the indoor life that house cats get to experience, from soft beds and warm laps to food that they don’t have to catch. But with all these perks, how do indoor cats stay occupied and active? It is very important to make time to play with your cat daily. This will help keep your kitty cat fit and in-shape, promoting muscle tone and circulation. In addition to physical health, play can encourage mental health, as well! Play sessions can reduce stress and boredom, along with building a strong bond between you and your cat. We have a couple of games and toys to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy!

Engaging Puzzle Game

You will need an old shoebox, some treats, and your cat’s favorite toy. Use a box-cutting knife to cut open a variety of holes into the shoebox. Fill the shoebox with cat toys, catnip, and treats and close the box up with tape. Let your cat work and enjoy the goodies inside!

Feather on a String

This game is perfect game for indoor cats to get some exercise and really easy to make! Simply tie some feathers or a small cat toy to a long piece of string, then tie the other end of the string to a stick. Wave the stick above your cat’s head and engage them to catch the feather or toy. Watch them chase and pounce!


Fetch is not just for dogs! Fetch is a great way to tap into your cat’s natural instinct to catch prey and hunt. Using your cat’s favorite toy, toss it across the room. Chasing the toy gives your feline friend a chance to run and play!

Tablet Games

Just like people, cats can enjoy technology, too! There are many games for tablet devices that are specifically made for your cat. Games for Cats, Paint for Cats, and Jitterbug are just to name a few! All these tablet games can get your cat to engage and enjoy the digital world.

There are endless amounts of different games and toys you can come up with to play with your indoor cat! Click here for even more DIY cat toys.

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