How to keep your bird happy and entertained!

How to keep your bird happy and entertained!

Compared to life in the wild, caged life can be pretty boring for a bird. But it doesn’t have to be with a little help from you!

Birds love to be entertained. Here are our top tips that your birds will surely love:

Create a happy home

A good size home helps your bird have more room to roam and exercise, so make sure their cage is big enough for them to enjoy fully. Add some natural perches to mimic life in the great outdoors and add some bird toys for them to play with.

Be social!

Birds are very social creatures and need lots of attention and interaction for a happy life. Place their cage in an area of the house where you spend the most time and talk with them often. Also, take some time every day to play with your bird by letting them out of their enclosure and let them explore their surroundings more fully. Birds also love companions, so you may want to think about getting another bird.

Fun while you’re away

While you’re away at work or running errands leave on your television or radio to help keep them entertained. You can also hide some of their food under toys or under little boxes to provide a fun game for your bird while you’re gone.

With these simple tips your bird will be much happier and healthier for years to come.

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