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In order to ensure your pet is properly cared for, and that we are compatible, we’ll schedule a free initial meet and greet session. This in-person consultation allows us to meet you and your pet, learn the particulars of caring for your pet, and helps ensure you and your pet will be happy with our service. We require a minimum 24-hour notice to set up this initial consultation. And once complete, we can provide the service you and your pet want, at any time.

Please provide us with some basic information so we can prepare for our consultation. We understand you may have additional needs other than what is listed or indicated here. We’ll happily discuss your individual needs during our consultation.

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Hi, I’m Kate Klausner and I’m excited and overjoyed to be the owner of Snaggle Foot Ann Arbor! My journey of pet care started in 2009 when I took on the care of two high-needs dogs, in addition to the two I already owned.


(The following prices are subject to change, late booking and cancellation fees apply, as well as specific Holiday Fees.)

We offer a discount and loyalty program – please ask us about it!
Services List

Rates: Starting at $22.00/per dog walk (Each additional dog $5.00)

Have a schedule or situation that leaves your dog home alone too long? We provide our dog walking service for a variety of clients in an assortment of situations.

For example, we’ve worked with clients who:

  • Have an energetic or young dog that needs more exercise
  • Are physically unable to walk their dog, such as after an injury or while sick
  • Work long hours and have a dog that could use a mid-day break
  • Are trying to sell their home and need someone on-call who can occupy their dog while the house is being shown

Our Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialists are more than happy to work out a visit schedule that meets your needs. We can come by any day of the week. Most of the time, we just need a few days’ notice in order to fit you into our schedule. We know how busy things can be and we try to be as accommodating as possible.

Typically, our dog walking service is provided mid-day, when dogs need to be let out the most. Each standard dog walking visit consists of a 20-30 minute walk or trip to a nearby park. Every visit comes with a water refresh, playtime, and a treat.

We also offer extended dog walks (60 mins); an energetic run walk, and you also can book us for a special day for your dog to spend with their favorite dog walker! ($22/hour with a 3-hour minimum)

Rates: Starting at $22.00/visit (one pet)
Additional pets: $5.00
Other requests (Medication, Aquariums, etc.) Price Varies
Difficult, willful, or hyperactive pets start at an additional $3.00

While you’re traveling, let Snaggle Foot come to your home to care for your pets as an alternative to kenneling or boarding. Because we know that some pets do better without the noise and confusion of a facility. So why not let us come to your home and care for your pets where you know that they’ll be happy and comfortable!

Our most popular pets are cats and dogs, but we’ve also provided pet sitting services for other household and exotic pets such as parrots, rabbits, caged rodents, and reptiles.

A typical pet sitting visit consists of:

  • Exercise or playtime with your pets.
  • Feeding, water refresh, treats.
  • Specialized one-on-one attention.
  • And of course, we will always make sure your home is left safe and secure and your pets are happy and healthy.

We at Snaggle Foot feel that our service offerings are beneficial to pets and pet owners alike. For instance:

  • Pets get to stay in their own, familiar environment. Your pets experience no additional stress when you travel.
  • Your pets maintain their regular feeding and exercise schedules, and they get to sleep in the comfort of their own beds.
  • You feel safe and secure knowing that we are watching over your home while you are traveling.
  • We can bring in the mail, alternate the lights, water your plants, and take care of other home maintenance issues.

Rates: Starting at $16.00/visit

We know that often times the dogs that need the most care are those who are new puppies or seniors. We began offering a puppy and senior services as we would continually receive requests from clients whose dogs didn’t necessarily need a full walk, but just a quick break outside during the day.

This service is ideal for clients who:

  • Have just gotten a new puppy and are working on housebreaking.

Unlike our traditional dog walking service, our puppy breaks last only 15-20 minutes– just long enough to get you dog outside for a quick break, water refresh and treat included.

And just like our dog walking service, your puppy will get the special care they deserve.

Rates: Starting at $85.00/night with $10.00 for each additional pet.

Are your pets used to constant attention? We can definitely accommodate!

Our overnight sitting service allows us to “move-in” to give your pets the continual one-on-one attention that they are used to.

Inherent with the service is the peace of mind that your home is cared for and looked after by an insured professional.

This service is ideal for clients who:

  • Have just gotten a new puppy and are working on housebreaking.
  • Have a dog who is on a medication.
  • Are owners of a senior dog who may need to go outside more often.
  • Individuals who would like someone staying at their home at night while they are away.

We also offer Extra TLC services to take care of not only your pet, but your home. Please check our Extra TLC section. Pricing starts at $10 and up.

Rates: Starting at $16.00/visit

We know that often times the pets that need the most care is those who are seniors. We began offering senior services as we would continually receive requests from clients whose pets need special attention.

This service is ideal for clients who:

  • A little arthritic, have a hard time getting around.
  • Have a pet who is on a medication.
  • Are owners of a senior dog who may be having a difficult time holding it in.

The Senior breaks last only 15-20 minutes– just long enough to insure your senior pet gets the special care they deserve.

And as much as you love your senior friend, you can also book us to create a special day for your sweet senior. Our rate is $22 per hour with a 3 hour minimum, but we will make this a special treat!

We offer a full line of customized services. Ask us how we can accommodate your needs. That’s why we offer customized services called “Extra TLC” Services.

Our TLC services have extra pampering built right in, including:

  • Pet Taxi Service for those time your pet has appointments during working hours. Let us take your pet to his or her appointments, without you ever having to re-arrange your busy schedule. ($20 per 30 mins)
  • Home checks while you’re away including bringing the mail and any packages, watering plants, adjusting the lights, bringing in trash cans, and giving your home a “lived in” look. ($16 per visit)
  • Extended pet visits allowing your pet to have more one-on-one time.
  • Dog field trips and extended walks and hikes.
  • Pet medicine administration.
  • And more!

Whatever your need, let us know and we can help!

Detailed Information

These special cases had high energy, high anxiety, shyness, and seizures. These needs led me to get very involved in every aspect of their well-being, including making their food so I could more effectively manage their health. It began to dawn on me then, that I loved caring for animals. But more than that, I also had a heart for ensuring they thrive.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that my earlier retail management experience with employees, and my heart for animals, are really part of a single story of compassion that has resonated throughout my life.

In 2012, I opened Snaggle Foot Ann Arbor. Today, I manage Snaggle Foot with three important philosophies:

  1. Treat our clients like friends, and treat their pets like family;
  2. You’re better off safe, than sorry.
  3. There is not such thing as too much communication.

These are the guiding principles I instill into our staff, and they describe what you can expect when you become part of our Snaggle Foot family.

I work hard to create a joyful, positive, strong, supportive, and respectful work environment. This results in your home and your pets being treated with all the care, love and attention they crave and deserve.

I absolutely love what I do! And so do my staff. Together, we have more than 80 years of experience in caring for pets of all kinds. And we can hardly wait to meet you and your fur family.


Snaggle Foot Academy

Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care is one of the most trusted pet care providers in the nation! We’re committed to lead the industry by providing the best care for every animal we look after. To ensure that our Pet Care Specialists have the skills they need to set this high bar, they attend courses through Snaggle Foot Academy. These courses include…

Pet Care Specialist: Meghan V. 

I am a Michigan native and proud to be a member of the Snaggle Foot family! My first friend, at a few days old, was a golden retriever named Amber. Since then, animals have always been part of my life. Growing up on an equestrian center, I experienced a menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish. I wound up pursuing an MFA in acting and moved myself and my pet rat, Remmi, from a small town in Michigan to the center of New York City. There I met my kindred spirit dog, Roo, a spunky love-bug Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A few years after school I relocated to Ann Arbor. When I’m not onstage, you can find me pet-sitting with Snaggle Foot! Working at Snaggle Foot provides the company of an array of animals and the promise of exciting adventures. I adore meeting new pups, kitties, and more. The best part of this job is forming a memorable bond with an animal. Walking into visits with bouncy four-legged friends who are ECSTATIC to see you is a one-of-a-kind experience. Being a dog mom myself, I understand the value of finding a caregiver to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. Snaggle Foot offers a team of animal lovers who look after pets as if they were their own. I am honored to be a part of that crew, and I look forward to meeting your furry friend!


Pet Care Specialist: Jarod B.

Hello, my name is Jarod. I started working with Snaggle Foot in October 2019. I grew up in a house full of pets (22 at one time to be exact!), and developed a particular kinship with dogs as a child. I haven’t been in a place in life where I could have a dog of my own, as I am a full-time student and a freelance musician, so Snaggle Foot has provided the the perfect opportunity for me to love my favorite four-legged pals while I continue to pursue my dreams. I love this job not only for the pets, but also because of the dynamic with the team. We have such amazing support – from the walkers, to admin, to our amazing clients. I’ve never felt so supported in any of my previous jobs! I’m currently a masters student at The University of Michigan’s School of Music studying Music Performance. I play double bass; and while I don’t have a dog right now, I do have an amazing kitty named Berlioz.


Pet Care Specialist: Kelli D. 

Working for Snaggle Foot hardly feels like a job. It is a break from my hectic life to care for and spend time with animals who need love most when their parents are away. I love how supportive my team is and how our role in pets’ lives make a positive impact in even the most timid or aggressive of pets! Growing up I wasn’t allowed to have pets, but I’ve always loved animals. I am the girl in the corner of a house party cuddling with their dog. 😉 When I’m less busy, I want to have a pet of my own, and Snaggle Foot has given me the skills and knowledge to do that!


Pet Care Specialist: Andrea T.  

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am 38 years old. I am a single mother of 2, but have a total of 5 kids and 3 grandchildren. I started working for Snaggle Foot because I am a huge animal lover with a small home, and I only have 3 fish to spoil. I was raised in a country setting and always had pets of all kinds growing up – from ducks ,to cats, and all sizes of dogs. I pride myself in being gentle and stubborn enough to work with any personality a pet may have, and show them that I am actually a great friend that will love and spoil them. 😊 This is the best company and occupation I have ever had!


Pet Care Specialist: Sarah F. 

I have been working with Snaggle Foot Ann Arbor since November, 2018. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I have been working in pet care since I started college in 2010. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance in 2014, and then from Baylor University with a Master’s in Music Performance in 2016. Throughout this time, I would take care of my bassoon instructor’s pets every Spring break and over the summers for extra money. I realized how much I loved taking care of animals, and started advertising around my neighborhoods, taking care of lots of adorable cats and dogs in the greater Atlanta-area. Once I graduated school and started freelancing and teaching private lessons, I really started missing taking care of animals, and wanted to find a way to add that to my life again. In 2018, I moved to Ann Arbor for the amazing musical freelance opportunities here, and immediately looked into pet care work. Finding Snaggle Foot has been one of the best parts of moving to Ann Arbor, because I can balance all of my passions: playing in orchestras around the Mid-west region, teaching private bassoon lessons, and taking care of animals. My boyfriend and I recently adopted our amazing 12-year-old kitty named Lumpy.


Pet Care Specialist: Kristen W. 

Hi, I’m Kristen and being a part of Snaggle Foot’s team has been one of the best career opportunities that has come along in my journey! Being able to do one of my favorite activities – which is walking – with the amazing bonus of a furry friend to keep me company on exploring different paths to stroll, has made me appreciate how much I enjoy staying active and seeing their smiling faces excited to run, walk and hop all over! It’s so wonderful to see them bouncing and wiggling away when I arrive, excited and happy for the adventure we are about to head on, and all the snuggles and kisses they know they’re about to get! I also love snuggling with all the kitties too, they are so entertaining to watch and play with. I have two lovely cats myself, River and Willow; they tend to act more like dogs, though, and follow me all over the house and they’re pretty chatty when I talk to them! I love working with all animals, and grew up doing 4-H and showing my horse in competitions. I also groomed dogs for four years, but switching career paths to dog walking has been the best opportunity and brought me so many smiles! I always look forward to seeing my old furry friends and meeting new ones!


Pet Care Specialist: Jenna S.

Hi! My name is Jenna and I have been working with Snaggle Foot since September 2017! I have always had a great passion for animals of all kinds big or small, furry or scaly! Growing up I had 3 Golden retrievers, a Labrador retriever, 2 rabbits, multiple fish, 2 Shih-tzus, and now am the proud owner of 2 dachshunds who are the loves of my life! Oh, and I also used to volunteer at a stable in the summer, grooming and taking care of horses! I grew up on a lake, so I love all the wonderful animals that the lake attracts like frogs, turtles, salamanders and snakes! Before Snaggle Foot I use to pet-sit for neighbors, friends and family, and have always been the one anyone calls for help with their pet! Snaggle Foot has been a real blessing for me, because it has really opened the door for me to living the dream of working with animals, and finally working with others, who are all just as big of animal lovers as I am! Since I started, I have created so many wonderful bonds with all the amazing pets we work with, as well as their wonderful pet parents! I will say though, the only downside to this job is when we get news of a pet who has passed away, because I love all our fur-friends as if they were my own adopted family!


Pet Care Specialist: Moonbeam F.

I grew up in New Jersey, but have lived in Michigan since 2005. I have always loved animals, and have had a wide variety of pets in my life. I was heavily involved with the 4-H program as a youth, and raised rabbits and small animals, as well as a Seeing Eye puppy. My animal hobbies have continued into adulthood, and I currently live on a small hobby farm with 2 dogs, 5 cats, a husband, chickens, 2 kids, and ducks! In the summer, I enjoy raising Monarch butterflies and observing all of the beautiful creatures nature has to offer. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, spending time outdoors with my family, creating, and comedy of all types. I began working as an administrator for Snaggle Foot in October 2019, after a long career in the child care field. I am so thankful to be a part of the Snaggle Foot team, and I’m looking forward to meeting new furry pals!


Pet Care Specialist: Mark W.

Hi, I’m Mark! I grew up on a farm in mid-Michigan and have loved animals all my life. I’ve lived in Ann Arbor for 23 years, and own and manage a lighting business with my partner. We have 4 cats! I’ve worked part-time for Snaggle Foot for five years, and love the time I get to spend with all the pets we care for. When I’m not working, you can find me on the Huron River, or in one of Ann Arbor’s many parks.


If you think you have what it takes to provide professional pet services, we’d like to hear from you! Simply fill out our General Application Form. If we have questions, or want to schedule an interview, we’ll be in touch!

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Snaggle Foot Ann Arbor serves the communities of:

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Charter Township, Benton, Bridgewater, Delhi Mills, Dexter, Dover, Hudson Mills, Lyon Charter Township, Pittsfield Charter Township, Saline, Scio, South Lyon, Superior Charter, Train Lake, Webster, Whitmore Lake, Worden, York Charter Township, Ypsilanti

Please contact us if you need services outside of these areas.

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