We noticed that our cats do better when they stay at home rather than being boarded. Over the years we’ve tried a few sitters and finally settled with Snaggle Foot.We’ve been using them for years now.

I recommended Snaggle Foot to a friend last year. I told my friend that they are bonded and insured and I think that is part of what makes them a bit more expensive than other sitters. I also said I don’t think it’s wise to skimp when you’re giving access to your home for days at a time. Besides pet sitters are less expensive than boarding.

My wife is a real cat person and you can tell by how expressive our cats are. So when we return from a trip we judge the sitters based on how well the cats rebound from our absence. I have to say it’s been excellent with Snaggle Foot. In fact, we saw the cats come out to greet the sitter once when we accidentally scheduled an extra day. For one of our cats that’s not unusual but for all three, it is quite remarkable. I also want to mention that in Christmas of ’15 we got stuck out of town because Midway had to cancel some take offs, and SW Airlines gets all messed up when that happens. (BTW SW does not help stranded passengers and does not book extra flights to help get people home.) Bottom line is we were stuck out of town for 3 extra days at the height of the holiday season, and Laurie was able to squeeze us in to keep our cats visited, and we can’t thank her enough for that.

Bottom line is that they reliable, professional and flexible people that you can trust with your home and pets.

– Richard

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