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Franchise Profile

Franchisees, please fill out these forms for yourself and your staff. If you have more staff than the form allows, please select only a few of your staff members to highlight.

All information will be included on your webpage, so be sure that it is public-facing.

For photos, please take new photos of yourselves and your staff, and follow these simple guidelines (multiple photos can be submitted):

  • Wear Snaggle Foot branded apparel (t-shirt or jacket or cap or bandana)
  • Find a plain background
  • Shoot inside or outside (either is fine)
  • Hold your camera horizontally
  • Set your camera on something so it doesn’t move, rather than holding it
  • Frame the shot so we see the person from the waist up, do not use the zoom function of your camera – simply move closer to the camera
  • Animals are not required in the shot
  • Photos must be either jpg or png files

If you have questions or problems, please email:

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