When it comes to using the right leash for walking your dog, we have one recommendation: avoid retractable leashes.

Retractables cause many unnecessary problems compared to traditional leashes. Here is our list of top 5 reasons to avoid them:

1. The length of most retractable leashes makes it difficult fo you to maintain control of your dog, especially in busy areas. Dogs can easily run into the street, and those leases are not easy to reel in.

2. The locks on retractable leashes are known to disengage when pressure is applied, allowing your dog to run further than you may have intended. This can end badly for your dog, or another person.

3. Retractables are also known for causing injuries to dogs and humans. Grabbing onto the lead line while your dog is moving can cause severe burns (and in some cases has resulted in lose of fingers).

4. And when your dog reaches the end of the leash, the sudden jerk has been known to pull people off their feet, or cause serious injury to the dog.

5. If your dog already pulls while walking, a retractable will make it worse. Dogs pull because of opposition reflex, and because they are rewarded for pulling by gaining more freedom to go where they want. A retractable encourages and reinforces this bad behavior.

So ditch the retractable leash when you walk your dog. It’s safer for you, your dog, and everyone else. And this why Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialists will use the proper length regular leash when they walk your dog. 😉

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