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Worry-free pet care when you're out of town.

We love pets of all kinds. Great and small - we care for them all!


Some pets thrive better at home, than at a boarding facility or in strange surroundings. That’s why you have the option to have our Pet Care Specialist care for your pet in your own home, or ours.

We’ll also stop by your home during the day to make sure your pet is well cared for. And our staff will make sure your home is secure, the mail is brought in, etc. – all services that give you peace of mind while you’re gone.

The services at each location vary, so please contact your local Snaggle Foot to get the detailed service offering and prices.


Dog Walking • Puppy Breaks • Senior Breaks • Specialty Care

Always one-on-one! We never walk your dog in a pack!

Your dog gets our undivided attention when we are with them, whether on a walk, or just spending quality time with them. Our Pet Care Specialists are even trained in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. So you can relax and know your fur family is in good hands.

30 • 45 • 60 Minute Visits


Visits • Exercise • Cuddletime • Litterbox

Cats are special - and if you don't think so, then just ask them!

Did you know that your cat can benefit from daily exercise? We love cats and our Pet Care Specialists even have specific training in Feline Fundamentals. So we know about signs of stress, happiness or anger, and how to properly meet, engage and play with them.

30 • 45 • 60 Minute Visits


Exercise • Care • Cage Cleaning

Our feathered friends are truly inspiring! We love to care for birds of all kinds, and know that they crave interaction and can benefit from positive attention. Each bird has different needs for feeding, care and attention. Our Pet Care Specialists receive training for properly caring for our feathered friends.

Daily • As Needed Visits


Freshwater Fish • Turtles • Frogs

Fish and aquatic pets require sharp attention to water quality, mealtime, food volume, and so many other things. Our Pet Care Specialists are trained in caring for all manner of freshwater aquatic animals. Dependable and consistent care is imperative for these special pets.

Daily Visits

Small & Caged Pets

Hamsters • Mice • Guinea Pigs • More!

Small pets are awesome for kids to have and learn to care for. But when you can't be there, our Pet Care Specialists know how to properly look after your small family and keep them happy. They need attention, love and care! Some of them crave exercise and they certainly require daily attendance for feeding, cleaning, and a general welfare check.

Daily Visits

Farm Pets

Horses • Chickens • Goats • More!

We know the demands for daily attention - multiple times per day - required by farm pets. And there are so many things to monitor to ensure the safety of all the animals. Each of our locations varies in their expertise of caring for farm pets, so be sure to check with the location nearest you to find out if they can cover for you when you need or want some time away.

Morning • Mid-Day • Evening

Extra TLC

Yard Clean-Up • Pet Taxi • Weddings • More!

Sometimes pets have their own schedule and to-do list. We can help get your pet where they need to go with our Pet Taxi service. Yard need cleaning up? We can provide Yard Waste Clean-Up services. Special event like a wedding or graduation? More and more pets are attending these special events. Make sure they get the attention and care they need on-site. Running an event and need to provide professional pet care services to attendees? Our Pet Care Specialists are here to help! Contact your local Snaggle Foot to see how we can keep your pet happy.

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