Badges are a Valuable Business Tool

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Pet parents are searching for peace of mind.

Administering medications to pets is one of the most important services that you can offer as a Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialist.  Often, the burden of having a pet that has a chronic illness, or requires a lot of extra medical care, leaves pet parents feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, and alone.  Similar to caring for a human family member, caring for a sick pet takes its toll.  Vacations are often skipped and work hours are shortened to accommodate for the extra care needs.  This “caregiver burden” is amplified by the lack of support services available to pet parents. 

It’s hard for pet parents to trust that anyone would take care of their sick pet the way that they would.  With medications being delivered on-time, right dosages being administered, and safe techniques being used to minimize any stress or harm.  News reports feature unreliable and unsafe situations that even healthy pets experience on a regular basis.  So, who can be trusted? 

That’s where you come in…

Where the “other guys” simply check a box stating that they are “comfortable” administering medications to pets, our Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialists are trained and certified in this specific skill.  No other pet care company offers a medication administration certificate!  By leveraging Snaggle Foot Academy in your marketing and communications plans, you can become the trusted partner in that pet’s comprehensive care plan!

"Certification marks have the greatest impact on consumer trust levels, period."


Establish trust through Snaggle Foot Academy online education.

Most of you have been providing this important service to your Snaggle Foot pet clients for many years -in fact- that’s why we created this badge.  Snaggle Foot Academy provides you with the tools and resources to not only raise the bar in pet care, but to set it!

Step One: Complete The Training

Ensure that each member on your team is enrolled in Snaggle Foot Academy and that you, and your entire team, have earned your "Administering Medications to Pets" Badge.

Step Two: Allow Pet Parents to Find You

Update your Pet Care Specialist's profiles with the specific badge credentials on your location page. Without taking this important step, how will prospective pet parents know that they can look to you as a trusted partner to join their care team? Why not differentiate yourself from the competition?

Step Three: Promote Your Services

Leverage social media, email newsletters, printed materials, and marketing communication to promote this important service to new, existing, and old clients.

Step Four: Request A Review

If you have a happy pet parent, don't be shy about asking for an online review.  Provide them with an easy link to where you want the review to go, and then consider thanking them with a personalized message, card, or even a percent off of an upcoming service.

Percent of Snaggle Footers have already started their badge... is your team on that list?

Take the first step!

Team members can be added any time.
Questions?  Want help creating a learning plan?  We are here for you! 
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