Top 5 Dog Walkers In Lexington, KY

Snaggle Foot Lexington has been named one of the top 5 dog walkers in Lexington, KY!

We’re excited to announce our Lexington, KY location has been named one of the top dog walkers by Happy Doggo. “We’re thrilled, of course,” exclaimed Kathy Ritter, owner of Snaggle Foot Lexington. “Our team works really hard to ensure the pets are happy, and the pet parents know exactly what is happening,” she explained.

Kathy Ritter
Kathy Ritter, owner Snaggle Foot Lexington

Part of their formula for success is a high level of customer service. Pet parents have learned they can trust their fur babies to Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialists. The pet parents get regular communications about what and how their pet is doing, but Snaggle Foot also goes the extra mile. “When pet parents travel, we do lots of little things that are important, like turn lights on and off. Bring in packages. Water plants. Things we would want done for us, if someone was looking after our pet in our own home,” said Ritter.

In addition, Snaggle Foot Pet Care Specialists are trained and certified in many aspects of pet care, and in a variety of animal species. For instance, all Pet Care Specialists are certified in Pet CPR/Pet First Aid. Also, Canine Communications, Senior Care, Feline Fundamentals, and more. This training and certification means pet parents can rest assured that their pet is in the hands of true professional. All Pet Care Specialists are drug tested and background checked, and each Snaggle Foot location is locally owned/operated and insured.

We’re proud of Kathy and her team!

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