What is your cat trying to tell you?

Sadly, cats don’t have the ability to tell us what they are thinking. That’s why this great site put together wonderful graphics to help you better understand your cat.

This list comes from Animalive, who spoke with experts on feline behavior.

1. Put their tail straight up in the air.

They show this sign when they feel good at a safe place or happy. Also, they raise their tail to show themselves off. They are masters of their territories. It is as if they are saying, “I’m nice, ain’t I?”


2. Stand hairs on end

They do this sign when they stand are apprehensive or aggressive . They do this to intimidate an opponent or prey, or when they feel fear. They make themselves look bigger by standing their hairs on end. Their size is important to help avoid conflict. Sometimes the cause is fear, but most of the time, they do this for attacking.


3. Make their tail into a mountain shape

They do this when they are in tension or before fighting. When there is an opportunity, they make pattern 2 and 3 in combination, which means fighting. The sign means “Do not come any closer.”


4. Sandwich their tail between their legs

This is a sign when they feel helpless fear. Sometimes they do this pose as a sign of “submission” to an opponent, whom they cannot win against at all. In addition, they make this sign when they feel sad, or when they feel extreme anxiety when they go to a new place or an animal hospital. It is one step before a panic situation. So avoid giving them stimulus.


5. Lower their tail

When they are disappointed because they got yelled at by their master, they are down, or they feel ill, they do this sign. You can tell their health condition with this sign.

To see nine more tail wagging behaviors visit the Animalive site. And for more of these inspired cartoons, visit artist Natsumi Inoue’s website.

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